Emerging Artist

Taking control.

We all have dreams, plans, aspirations… but how many of us actually work to make those dreams a reality?

I always wanted to be an artist, but was sucked in to the world of work, setting up a home and having children. I have no regrets but when my youngest was born I realised I wasn’t making any steps toward the things that I wanted for myself in life. Its okay to put your needs at the top of the priority list from time to time!

Quitting teaching was hard, but I saved up the money to build my studio and knew that I was taking a step forward, not back. It is scary, but there is no point in procrastinating and wasting your life. 

If you are a creative who wants to take the leap, please make sure you have some financial plans in place first. You need to consider costs such as:

  1. Your website & domain name. This doesn’t have to be expensive, there are loads of platforms you can you use such as WordPress, Wix etc.
  2. Your hardware & software. What equipment do you need to create a fully functioning set up? I suggest you join forums and chat with others about this. In some respects you can cut corners – in others you can’t. Do you need a laptop? Printer? Packing Boxes? Camera? Tripod? You can upgrade as you start to earn, but it’s important to have a starting point.
  3. Your workspace. What do you create? How much space do you need? Can you run your business from the kitchen table or do you need to convert a room, or build a shed or hire a studio space? What will you use for storage?
  4. Insurance. This is SO important. You will need insurance as soon as you start selling your work to the public. Research and compare providers and make sure you are fully covered for the type of product you sell. You can also include public liability for fairs & galleries and cover for your tools & equipment. Do it. Don’t skip this one.

None of us are getting any younger, so give your goals a reality check. Health & happiness come first. KTx

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