Resilience Series

You may remember a while back, I created a print of an Aloe Vera and titled it ‘resilience’. This has been a subject which I keep revisiting.


In fact, if I take a look back over all my recent artworks they are all reflective of resilience. And I think that’s why I adore house plants so much. As they are alive but not sentient, they rely on us to care for them. But even through that, they have a life of their own; they grow, they flower, they thrive and yes – sometimes they struggle and they need more or less and sometimes they just give up and wither away.

This vulnerability speaks to me as a person who has had the same struggles in life. I hate relying on other people but we HAVE to. From health care, to our utilities, we need other people to keep us healthy and keep us moving.

My plants are a reminder of the inner strength that we all have. And my prints are my inner sanctum coming out in a colourful display of defiance against anything which tries to defeat me.

These 3 mini prints make an ideal addition to my series. 3 air plants, the strength they require to survive is incredible, and yet they are actually extremely fragile. They’re each pictured inside a hanging glass globe, with a small aperture to the front. A suit of armour maybe, with the ability to allow love and light in.

These are my 3 children.

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